I wanted to say thanks to the group of people at SEO411.com who spent all the time to set up my new website.

Robin did a great job of taking some of my thoughts and transforming them into an impressive group of pages.  She also spent extra time in walking me through the behind-the-scenes interworkings of what they created.

Charlie in tech support was also great.  Everytime I sent in a request, before I knew it, it was already handled.

A special thank you to Bill Johnson.  He taught classes in SEO and because of his teaching skill and knowledge of the subject, a good bit of that information sunk into my thick head.  He also suggested other classes taught at the U of H in the evenings that complemented what he was teaching.  The classes from UH was free which is just about what I can afford and they put out a tremendous amount of information to help growing businesses.  In addition, he suggested I talk to the people from SEO411.com and Beth who runs everything there.

Thanks again!