What Instruments Do You Use?

We use ‘state of the art’ instruments that are accurate to 1/10 of an inch when we evaluate foundation problems. They provide a higher level of accuracy than is generally needed for this type of work, but that is what we use.

Some foundation repair salesmen have been known to whip out a 4-foot level and crawl along the floor to decide if your home is within industry tolerances!  Some will come out with a laser level, which is better than a 4-foot level, but it will only shoot the line of sight, it will not be able to tell what the elevation is on the other side of the wall in the next room.

Zip Level Foundation Evaluation Instruments

We use the Zip Level. It has a remote sensing device attached by a cable that can travel from room to room, around corners, and from one side of your house to the other side. We get an accurate reading within every room of your house. These measurements will be in your AutoCAD drawing so you will be able to see where the high spots and the low spots are.