What Causes Foundation Movement?

The moisture content of the soils surrounding our homes is the major culprit. Some of the causes of changing moisture content of the soils are dripping hose bibs or secondary A/C overflow drain lines, gutter downspouts that do not carry water 3 ft. to 5 ft. away from the structure, or uneven watering patterns from your sprinkler system.

Causes of Foundation Movement

Trees planted too close to the home and their root system is pulling a large amount of water from the soils will dry up and shrink the soil. Some trees or their root system, if they come in direct contact with the homes foundation could lift it somewhat.

Not having positive drainage in your yard where water is ponding next to the foundation is also a big cause in foundation distress. When our area changes from the dry season to the rainy season causes problems if you are not taking charge of these issues. Broken plumbing pipes under the foundation can also affect the home if not taken care of soon.