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In this part of Texas, the soil conditions make it challenging to build a house on and keep the expansive soils from creating havoc with it. You have worked hard to provide a nice home for your family. If your house exhibits signs of foundation movement, what can you do? The only tool that many foundation repair companies have to sell you is expensive foundation piers.

We take that extra step to look at the cause or causes of the foundation movement and suggest less expensive options to solve your problem. Don’t make a costly mistake by thinking expensive foundation piers are your only option. Since 2009 to current, on average 72% of our clients did not need piers.

  • Do you have positive drainage away from your home or do you have water standing next to your foundation?
  • Do you have trees near your house?
  • Is there a plumbing issue?
  • Has the drought affected the foundation?
  • Is your hose bib or secondary A/C overflow line dripping?

Do you have cracks in your slab, tile, garage floor? Do you have cracks in your sheetrock or brick? Do you have doors and windows that don’t operate properly?

Give us a call today for a quote on getting a foundation evaluation done. Contact us today. Our services include a professional report with digital pictures, AutoCAD drawing with elevation measurements, and a letter from a licensed engineering. An inspection of the foundation and surrounding yard does not take long.

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Foundation Check was great. They did more than they had to. Also gave good recommendations for action on potential problem prevention.
Michael Baluyot

Thank you for coming out and checking my foundation. I found your report, pictures, and recommendations to be extremely professional and insightful. I really appreciate your schedule flexibility and promptness. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to others. Please let me know if I can do anything for you.
Dan Hunsucker

Foundation Check examined our foundation and determined that cosmetic appearances notwithstanding, the foundation was solid. This examination saved what could have been a substantial expense. Highly recommended!
Stephen K Brown

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