Which Foundation Repair Method Is Better – Bell Bottom or Press Pile Piers?

If you do need foundation piers this is a very common question but it may be the wrong question to ask. There are many types and techniques of foundation repairs:

  • bell bottom piers,
  • press pile piers,
  • press pile piers with the cable running down the middle,
  • Ram Jack system,
  • Uretek system, etc.

Which Foundation Repair Method Is Better - Bell Bottom or Press Pile Piers

The developers of these systems are pretty smart and they all work. Some work better in some situations than other but most will do the job in many common situations. If the company doesn’t think their product is right for your particular situation, they will advise you accordingly.

Maybe a better question to ask the foundation repair company you are talking to might be: how much experience do the individual crew members have doing that particular kind of foundation repair? Not just the companies length of time in business (which is important), or the supervisor’s experience, but the individual crew members’ experience. You will usually be happier with the outcome of the work if the crew member’s experience level is, for example, 6 years as compared to somebody who has been doing this work for only 6 weeks.

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