That is an interesting question.  Can anybody fix a foundation?  I have been in the construction field for about 30 years and I don’t hear that question very often.

I guess anybody can if they want to.  It is a free country, isn’t it?  It is like asking the question, can people drive over the speed limit down the street in a car?  People do it all the time.

About two and a half years ago the Texas legislature passed a bill saying, in part, that anytime a foundation is designed, repaired, etc., an engineer must sign off on it.  I believe it was HB 2649.

The next time you have foundation problems and get that ‘free’ inspection from a guy operating out of a truck, ask him if the repair drawing will be signed off by an engineer.  There are many foundation repair companies out there that have never heard of this.  Their price may be well below their competition and now you know one of the reasons why they are.